FINALLY TikTok Star Mr. Faisu Breaks Silence On Police Complaint Against Him For Violating Lockdown Rules

Mr. Faisu’s real name is Faisal Shaikh is a Popular TikTok famous star who enjoys a massive fan base of over 11 million on the video-sharing app (TikTok). He recently made headlines after his former lawyer filed an official police complaint against him for violating the lockdown rules in India.

Faisal as he is more popularly known as, has finally decided to break his silence on that matter by releasing an official statement. Mr. Faisal has said that advocate Ali Kashif Khan, who has filed the FIR in Police station against him, has purely done it to defame him and damage his reputation.

Here the statement reads, “As a responsible citizen of India, I have appealed to my audience on #socialdistancing #stayathome and #lockdown through my all videos on Tiktok and Instagram social media platforms. I continue to support the government’s initiatives to fight this worldwide pandemic. At an unprecedented time like this when the world is putting its efforts towards fighting the deadly Coronavirus pandemic, it is the need of the hour that we try to be the best version of ourselves, be more empathetic towards others and use our respective mediums to spread awareness, provide support or keep a light atmosphere.”

The finishing phase of the statement is, “In a bid to do the same, I posted a video on TikTok and Instagram with the hashtag #socialdistancing which was taken out of context by some people in India. When it was pointed out to me, I deleted the same immediately. However some people with dubious past and intentions are now spreading false news about me and while I feel it’s best not to engage with them, I need to put the record straight for my fans. I will re-iterate that we should all follow the government’s direction and stay at home and practice social distancing.”

For those who have joined in late this article, advocate Mr. Ali Kashif Khan filed an FIR over a certain video uploaded by Faisal Sheikh know as Mr. Faisu that was shot outdoors, despite strict Indian government instructions of a lockdown.

The video in contention is a certain TikTok clip that Mr. Faisu has now deleted where he was seen mouthing a popular Bollywood actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui dialogue — ‘Maut ko chhookar tak se wapas aa sakta hoon’. Advocate Ali Kashif Khan earlier represented Mr. Faisal Sheikh in July 2019 when his TikTok account was suspended for posting objectionable videos in TikTop App. After suspended his account he got more success.

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