Shehnaaz’s Father talk about her new show, Shehnaaz will don’t participate in the show

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Shehnaaz Kaur Gill know as Sana became a national star for her cuteness, innocence and entertainment quotient on in the Bigg Boss 13 house. Sana, who refers to herself as Punjab Ki Katrina Kaif from the beginning of the BB 13 Show will soon be seen in yet another Colors TV’ show that on air 17th Feb 2020. Shehnaan next show titled Mujhse Shaadi Karoge, the also reality show aims at finding a prospective groom for Shehnaaz Gill, who will eventually get hitched to the boy on national television.

While Sana’s fans of the chirpy actress were rejoicing, Shehnaaz’s father, named Santokh Singh has said that he will never let this happen. He has further revealed that instead of further building Shehnaaz’s image as Punjab Ki Katrina Kaif, the colors tv channel is ruining her image and making her look like another Rakhi Sawant.

A miffed and agitated Santokh Singh father of Shehnaaz further revealed that he has fixed a meeting with the colors tv channel and will also take help of the political organization, Shiv Sena, if colors tv does not budge and goes ahead with the BB show. Speaking to DesiMartini, Santokh Singh has been quoted saying, “If my daughter is forced to do a ‘wedding’ based show, I will take Shiv Sena’s help.”

It is also being stated that Santokh Singh has already signed up for the MP elections in Punjab under politician Shiv Sena. “Instead of building an image of Shehnaaz that is close to Katrina Kaif, they are trying to build an image of hers like another Rakhi Sawant. The colors tv team have made sure the(Swayamvar) promo is already out because they wanted the voting for Shehnaaz Gill to stop so that they could make Siddharth Shukla the winner of the Bigg Boss season 13. My daughter Shehnaaz has really worked very hard throughout the BB show but now she is just being given Rs 10 lakhs as indemnification. They have made her toil so hard. There are other contestants who have been paid Rs 2 crores but they haven’t quite done anything in the BB 13 show. But my daughter Shehnaaz is just given Rs 10 lakhs. She has done so much in the bigg boss 13 house and now they are literally driving her mad and they are making her do things.”

Well, looks like Shehnaaz’s father is mighty pissed with the colors tv channel for announcing a swayamvar (new show) of his daughter without even consulting. Meanwhile, ‘Mujhse Shaadi Karoge’ will also feature Paras Chhabra searching for a bride in the upcoming show on also colors tv air on 17th Feb 2020.

So now wait and watch what will happening in the next few days about that rumors.